New EUROFER publication: ETS – Circular Economy – Trade

A new publication by the European Steel Association (EUROFER) explores some of the top issues facing the steel industry today.

This new guide investigates three topics that influence the competitiveness of the industry today. Many of these factors intertwine as trade policy, climate and energy policy, and the circular economy cannot be seen in isolation. Each of these areas needs to be considered holistically in order to really understand the key challenges that the industry faces.

The steel industry produces around 170 million tonnes of steel every year, with applications that range from cutlery to aeronautics and automotive. High-quality, European-made steel makes the modern world possible. The 330,000 jobs that the industry bears across over 500 production sites across Europe make the steel sector one of the EU’s most strategic.

In this publication you will find an easy-to-read guide to:

  • The competitiveness of the European steel industry
  • Steel and the Circular Economy
  • The place of steel in world trade
  • Steel and how it is faced by the evolution of the European Union’s climate policy.

The publication can be found here.


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