Council plan should address energy prices

“We welcome the decision of the Council to instruct the European Commission to propose measures to ensure energy security in Europe. Such measures should also address the problem of energy prices which are 2 – 3 times higher than outside Europe”,says EUROFER Director General Gordon Moffat on today´s  decision of the Heads of State and Governments in Brussels.

European Union leaders want a road map by June for reducing reliance on Russian natural gas. European steel industry welcomes the plan of working out an in-depth study of EU energy security and reduction of EU energy dependence. For the diversification of energy sources away from Russia we see no alternative but to proceed as rapidly as possible with shale gas exploitation as part of the energy mix in Europe while retaining all the precautions necessary in pursuing this approach”, says Moffat.

The steel industry is highly dependent on secure energy supply in Europe as well as fair prices. Europe´s oil and gas import bill rose to more than 400 billion euros in 2012, according to EU data. Solutions are needed in order to guarantee stability and therefore we underline the need to enable the exploitation of domestic European sources, such as shale gas.

“We need to find solutions in our energy mix which will allow Europe, like the United States, to reduce energy prices and CO2 emissions at the same time while protecting our industrial competitiveness. These objectives are compatible “, Moffat adds.

The ongoing crisis in Ukraine has repeatedly illustrated the need to secure energy supply in Europe. European Heads of State and Governments today have begun to focus on reviving proposals to be less reliant to a limited number of sources.

Represented by EUROFER, the European steel industry represents the world leader in its sector, producing on average 170 million tonnes of steel per year with direct employment of 350 thousand highly skilled people. More than 500 steel production and processing sites in 24 EU member states provide direct and indirect employment for millions of European citizens.


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