European Steel Skills Alliance (ESSA) online mid-term conference

Skills and Jobs in the Future-Proven Steel Industry - in cooperation with the European Steel Technology Platform (ESTEP).

European Steel Skills Alliance (ESSA) online mid-term conference

Skills and Jobs in the Future-Proven Steel Industry - in cooperation with the European Steel Technology Platform (ESTEP).

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European Steel Skills Alliance (ESSA)
A Sectoral Blueprint

Online Mid-term Conference

Skills and Jobs in the Future-Proven Steel Industry

in Cooperation with
European Steel Technology Platform (ESTEP)

27th & 28th of May 2021 Online ZOOM Meeting

European Steel Industry is facing various challenges. With ESSA, more than 40 project and associated partners develop a Blueprint for a sustainable, steel industry driven and coordinated European Steel Skills Agenda:
"A Blueprint made by the Steel Industry for the Steel Industry"

The ESSA Midterm Conference will present and discuss first results of ESSA and the prototype of the Blueprint and strategy. What are current and future skills and job demands in the European Steel Industry? How can those new skills demands be implemented in companies training solutions, formal education systems and training institutions? What kind of political support is needed to mobilizing and integrating stakeholders and policy makers to promote the Blueprint?

For further questions, please contact
Antonius Schröder, TU Dortmund University,

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European Steel Skills Alliance (ESSA) online mid-term conference starts in:


27 May 2021 - First Day (1pm to 5pm // 13:00-17:00 CET)

Sectoral Blueprint ESSA: How to define and adjust skills and jobs
for a future proven Steel Industry?

Moderation by Scott Chubbs (worldsteel)


"Nice to meet you!" - Meet and greet with participants

Moderator: Clara Behrend / Mathias Cuypers (TU Dortmund University)


Welcome and Agenda

Antonius Schröder, Project Leader ESSA (TU Dortmund University)

Klaus Peters, Secretary General of ESTEP


Welcome Notes European Commission:

·        Gabriele Morgante (DG Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs)

·        Felix Rohn (DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion)


ESSA - On the road to clean, green and smart steelmaking and its impact on future skills and high-value Jobs


ESSA Blueprint in a Nutshell - First Tools and Measures

·        Overview of the Project - Blueprint Outline (Antonius Schröder, TU Dortmund)

·        Online Skills Ecosystem - Pilot Training Course (Jorge Muract, worldsteel)

·        Image and Recruiting - Steel Sector Careers Campaign (Phillip Babalis, Intrasoft) 

Moderator: Antonius Schröder (TU Dortmund University)


Statement from thyssenkrupp Steel Europe AG

Markus Grolms, CHRO thyssenkrupp Steel Europe


Erasmus+: Sector Skill Alliances: Greening Technical VET (GT VET) (Video)

Veit Echterhoff (thyssenkrupp Steel Europe)


ESSA findings - Bringing Technology and Skills together (parallel Break-Out Sessions)

Moderation: Scott Chubs (worldsteel)

Session 1

Technological and Economic Development in SteeI Industry

Moderation: Maria Murri (Rina/CSM), Valentina Colla (SSSA)

Session 2

Industry Skills Requirements for a future-proven Steel Industry

Moderation: Felix Bayon / Aitor Goti / Tugce Akyazi (Sidenor)

Session 3

VET Systems Requirements to meet New Skills and Training Demands

Moderation: Dean Stroud / Martin Weinel / Luca Antonazzo (Cardiff University)


(60 min)

Future Skills - Other Findings and Perspectives

·        Sectoral Blueprint: Automotive, Jakub Stolfa (Project DRIVES)

·        Clean Steel Partnership, Klaus Peters (ESTEP)

·        Green Steel Project, Milan Elkerbout (tbc)

·        BEYOND4.0, Michael Kohlgrüber (TU Dortmund University)

Moderation: Antonius Schröder (TU Dortmund University)


Wrap-up End of Day 1 - Introducing Day 2

Antonius Schröder (TU Dortmund University)

28 May 2021 - Second Day (1:00 pm to 4:30pm // 13:00-16:30 CET)

Bringing the Blueprint to Life - Implementation and Rollout

Moderation by Scott Chubbs (worldsteel)


Time for Networking, Impressions and Feedback & Pulse Check

Moderator: Clara Behrend / Mathias Cuypers (TU Dortmund University)


Welcome and Introduction of Topic of the Day: Implementation and Rollout of the European Blueprint

Antonius Schröder (TU Dortmund University)


Step into Action: Implementation and Rollout of the European Blueprint - Shaping the Future Steel Transformation together

·        Gabriele Morgante (DG Grow)

·        Martin Kunkel (CIELFFA)

·        Angels Orduna (A.SPIRE)

·        Axel Eggert (EUROFER)

·        Klaus Peters (ESTEP)

·        Elspeth Hathaway (industriALL)

Moderation: Miikka Nieminen (EUROFER)

14.15 - 15:45

Skills and Jobs in the Future Steel Industry (parallel Break-Out Sessions)

Scott Chubbs (worldsteel)

Session 1

The Skills Perspective: How to detect new skills and improve learning arrangements

·        Skilled Labour, Competence and Attractivity Analysis
(Dennis Ostwald / Kay Petrisor, WifOR)

·        New Learning and Experimentation Spaces (Christian Stamov Roßnagel, Jacobs University Bremen, Nawid Network)

·        VET-Systems Focus on Digital Transformation (Gerd Zinke, BIBB) (tbc)

Moderation: Carolin Eitner (thyssenkrupp Steel Europe)

Session 2

The Member States Perspective: National VET System Strategies for the Steel Industry of Tomorrow

·        European VET Systems (Jörg Markowitsch, BIBB)

·        Italy (Carlo Lombardi, Federacciai)

·        Poland (Wojciech Szulc, IMZ)

Moderation: Dean Stroud/Martin Weinel (University of Cardiff)

Session 3

The Regional Perspective: Regional Strategies for Future Skills in the Steel Industry

·        Regional Ecosystem TataSteel (Joanne Kuipers)

·        Clusters of Interest for the rollout:

-   SIDEREX, Felix Bayon (Sidenor)

-   Polo del Acero,
Roberto Suarez Sánchez / Juan José Arias Alvarez (Arcelor Mittal Spain)

-   Sustainable Steel Region North Middle Sweden, Larz Ignberg

Moderation: Joanne Kuipers (TataSteel)


Future Funding Possibilities by Erasmus+

Urška Primec (The Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency EACEA)


Wrap Up, Next Steps and Farewell

Published: 31 March 2021. Most recent update: 31 March 2021.

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