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European Steel in Figures 2024

European Steel in Figures 2024 is EUROFER's statistical handbook, laying out in an easy-to-use format the key statistics and data about the performance and footprint of one of Europe's most important strategic sectors


European Steel in Figures 2024 is the sixteenth edition of the European Steel Association’s (EUROFER) statistical guide, which covers data up to 2023. 

It is the third edition that takes fully into account the departure of the United Kingdom from the EU and its internal market. All aggregated data for the EU refer exclusively to EU27, and historical datasets have been adapted accordingly.

The numbers presented in the 2024 edition identify the main trends of the past year through data, and reflect the disruptions due to Russia's invasion of Ukraine, the consequences of the energy crises, record inflation and a slump in steel demand while imports remained at historical high levels.

We hope that our statistics will be of use for those working within and with the steel industry. We also hope that they can help guiding policymakers both at EU and national level in making the right choices when it comes to political decisions impacting the industry, such as climate, energy and trade policies.

We wish you a fruitful utilisation of European Steel in Figures 2024.


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Published: 06 June 2024


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