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Steel, the Backbone of Sustainability in Europe

Steel made in Europe is the backbone of sustainability.


Modern society would be impossible without steel. The European Steel Industry Vision is based on the decisive contribution of steel to European socio-economic growth and sustainable production, as well as the Circular Economy, which is expected to become even more important in the future.

In the short term, the sustainability of the European steel industry will depend upon meeting the formidable challenge of remaining economically viable against a background of excess global supply.

In the short, medium and long term, the European steel industry:

  • Is and will remain a responsible employer
  • Sees zero accidents as a top priority in EU steel production facilities
  • Is committed to remaining the most sustainable steel producing region of the world, both in CO2 emissions and in other environmental impacts
  • Chooses to evaluate the environmental impact of its products through a life cycle approach
  • Is dedicated to increasing the recycling rate of different products, the recovery of alloying elements and of coatings and to avoid recycling inhibitors
  • Promotes transparency in cooperation with its supply chain and welcomes responsible sourcing certification schemes
  • Is dedicated to developing products which contribute to a sustainable society

Steel has significant social value and is by far one of the most important, multi-functional and adaptable materials.


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Published: 04 April 2016

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