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REACH - the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals - is an important area of work for EUROFER, as chemical use in steel production is an important factor in the creation of high-quality steel products.

EUROFER has created a range of position papers for various aspects of the REACH file. These are available here.

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(UPDATED) Position paper on Substances in a Steel Bath - Revised August 2023(UPDATED) Position paper on impurities - Revised August 2023(UPDATED) Position paper on Iron Ore and Pellets - Revised August 2023(UPDATED) Position paper on Iron Oxide and Mill Scales - Revised August 2023(UPDATED) EUROFER position paper on the registration duties for downstream users of multi-constituent substances (MCS) in the steel industry - Revised August 2023(UPDATED) Position paper on the status of the temporary protective/mechanical processing layers (e.g. oils) on coils - Revised August 2023(UPDATED) Position paper on zinc dross - Revised April 2024(UPDATED) Position Paper on Carbon in Steel and Cast Iron - Revised August 2023A Green Deal on Steel(UPDATED) EUROFER position paper determining the borderline between preparations and articles for steel and steel products - 28 October 2008 (Revised April 2024)EUROFER position paper on Steel Scrap and REACH - 13 September 2010EUROFER position paper on steel welding wire - 7 January 2010EUROFER position paper on substances generated in Surface Treatment - 26 March 2010EUROFER position paper proposing a common Substance Identification Exchange Forum so called SIEF for Iron and Pig Iron iron furnace - 24 November 2008EUROFER PRE joint position on spent refractories - 4 November 2008(UPDATED) EUROFER REACH position on waste - 4 November 2008 (Revised April 2024)Open Letter - May 2016ECHA reply to EUROFER letter - 2 September 2009Cross industry Position Paper - 16 November 2015
Published: 02 May 2016

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