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Annual Report 2023

EUROFER's Annual Report 2023 looks back at the work of the Association and the performance of the European steel industry over the past year, and looks forward to the challenges ahead.


As every year, the publication of the EUROFER Annual Report is an opportunity to recap the policy work conducted by the association throughout 2022, as well as to inspect the forthcoming priority work areas EUROFER will be facing in the next months.They will be crucial to ensure that the future of green steel is and will be in Europe, which is the essential condition for the EU to achieve global leadership in net zero and secure its strategic autonomy.

EU legislation such as the Gas & Hydrogen Package, the revision of the Electricity Market Design directive, the Hydrogen Bank and the Renewable Energy directive, is fundamental to set the right conditions for a truly EU energy market system that delivers. Maximum priority must be given as well to European projects for hydrogen infrastructure, whose development is lagging behind.

Similarly, ensuring access to critical materials for the green transition such as ferrous scrap and nickel is vital, even more so in a world where over 40 countries are already applying restrictions to exports. The Critical Raw Materials Act and the Waste Shipment regulation should take this
situation fully into account.

Facilitating investment in clean technologies, creating lead markets for green steel and promoting upskilling and adequate training opportunities for young steelmakers is also indispensable.

Be assured that, also this year, we will do our best to turn these challenges into opportunities for both the European steel industry and the EU. A strong and sustainable steel sector is the backbone of a healthy EU economy and its leadership in clean tech.

We trust that the reading of the EUROFER Annual Report 2023 will serve as a valuable resource for all those who are interested in the future of our industry and the role that it plays in the European economy.

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Published: 31 May 2023


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