A Green Deal on Steel video series - episode 4

Smart Carbon Usage: pathway and projects.

This is the fourth episode in EUROFER's Green Deal on Steel series: Smart Carbon Usage.

On average, for every tonne of steel made, up to 2 tonnes of CO2 is generated. This means there is a huge potential to make use of this emissions source.

Smart Carbon Usage is a pathway to create value from what is, at the moment, an unused product. This can be achieved by either reintegrating carbon monoxide or dioxide back into the production process, as in the HISARNA, IGAR, PEM or STEPWISE projects.

Or it can be through the use of carbon monoxide or dioxide as a raw material for the creation of other products, such as chemicals. This approach is being used in such projects as Steelanol, Carbon2Chem, FReSMe, Everest and Carbon2Value.

These projects are happening all over Europe. Some are at advanced states of technical readiness – others require further research – but each could deliver significant emissions savings.

Published: 27 July 2020

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