Launch of the EUROFER | Engage newsletter

The EUROFER | Engage newsletter will provide monthly updates from the association, consolidating all the news on our website.

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EUROFER publishes regular press releases, economic reports, position papers, publications and brochures, each of which highlight specific areas EUROFER is working on. We also have regular news updates which highlight some of the focus areas EUROFER is examining. 

However, while EUROFER updates its website regularly, much of this information is not sent out directly. In order to make it easier for people interested in EUROFER's work to find information relevant to them, we have created a newsletter, which puts together the most recent information coming from the association's website.

If you would like to subscribe to receive EUROFER's newsletter, please do so by clicking: here or visit the link below in the Downloads and links box. 

This newsletter will be sent out monthly. If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact the EUROFER team.

Published: 01 July 2020

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