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Joint statement by industrial energy consumers on energy security and affordability

Call for dialogue and pragmatic actions

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Brussels, 09 March 2022 - European industrial energy consumers call for a dialogue and pragmatic actions on energy security and affordability.

The geopolitical events at the borders of Europe are of high concerns to all of us seeking peace, security, and prosperity in Europe. Our thoughts are with the Ukrainian people and all those suffering in these difficult moments, and we deeply regret the loss of life and displacement of populations.

These geopolitical events are also generating unprecedented challenges for Europe’s society. With regard to energy, concerns over the security, affordability and sustainability of energy sourcing have never been as acute as today, highlighting the vulnerability of Europe’s industry and economy as a whole. The events have further precipitated Europe in a profound energy crisis that compromises the future of Europe’s industrial base and the independence of its economy. The situation highlights the importance of resilience in industrial ecosystems and diversification of value chains, at the core of which remains access to energy.

For months, European citizens and industry have been suffering from persistently and exceedingly high energy prices in Europe. Hopes of a reflux in energy price have vanished with recent events, thus endangering the viability of many industrial operations. Risks of natural gas shortages generate extra threats for Europe’s continuous process industries. Industrial hazards and serious damages to industrial assets can results from low energy supply in some industries.

In this highly complex geopolitical context, European industrial energy consumers appreciate that the European Commission is paying particular attention to energy security and affordability issues. Today’s communication from the European Commission brings these issues to the fore. Urgent actions are needed in the short term to alleviate the burden on industries and minimize risks of energy shortage in order to face a crisis whose evolutions and impacts are unpredictable.

The European industrial energy consumers stand ready to work with EU decision-makers to design together the adjustments to the EU energy and climate policy that are needed in the face of this new situation. In these uncertain times, we need to avoid additional shocks and provide predictability to European industry.

Let’s work pragmatically together to shield European industry and make sure we can deliver on the EU’s long-term sustainability and climate-neutrality objectives.

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Published: 09 March 2022

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